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Virtual Trucking Company

We are a modern VTC with great respect for the Virtual Trucking Community! We can present ourselves as a Verified VTC with a strong community and great ambitions towards the future! We are a family of passionate drivers and experienced staff, who will make your stay worthwhile! The goal is very cliche-ish, just to have a good time and add that extra layer of Immersion and fun that we all need in ETS2 and ATS! We are a welcoming VTC who gives everyone equal opportunities in all aspects of the VTC. We care about immersion, realism, enjoyability and most importantly we care about you. We always strive to deliver the best possible experience for our drivers, therefore we would like to see our fellow truckers, as reliable and compassionated people towards not only our company, but the whole TMP community.

Registration process



Send your application by clicking the "APPLY" button. Make sure you read through all of the requirements!



Make sure you have joined our Discord and allow us up to 24 hours to contact you.



You will be contacted by us and undergo a short interview. Once that is done, we will get everything set up for you!


In the Agriculture Division you will make a difference! Our great farmers are always in need of transporting their products from their farm and out into the world! In Stride Haulage we are helping feeding the world! Do you have what it takes?


As a reefer driver you will be a key part of the Logistic network! Take the final products from the suppliers all around the world and bring it to our Local businesses! You will not only haul Fresh food, but also other goods that will need to stay cool!


As a tanker driver in Stride Haulage your task ranges widely. You do everything from providing businesses with fuel to Delivering milk and other fluids to your local dealers. In other words you haul a bit of both worlds. In addition the ADR/Hazmat loads are hauled by the tanker Division as well

Heavy Haul

In Stride Haulage our Heavy Haul team is ensuring a safe and reliable service for everybody who needs heavy cargo moved safely from point A to point B! Every load is a new Challenge and only the best stay in the business.


The intermodal Divisions connects all of the world. You will see a lot ports all around the world in this Division! With a close partnership with our own Cargo ships, we connect the whole world! Make sure our cargo will get to their respective owners in perfect condition!

What do we Offer?

  • Driver of The Month

    You will receive a special role on Discord!

  • Divisions

    Are you interested in a realistic trucking Experience? Then you should consider joining one of our many Divisions!

  • Performance Stats

    This enables you to track your trucking progress and habits closer than ever.

  • Ranking System

    Compete against other drivers in different categories. Drive most miles, earn most money or get most points in our own point system! You have plenty of challenges to go at!

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9,036 Deliveries
4,965,952 Distance
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